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Sweet Annie Protective and Healing Nature Spirit Doll Ornament

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This nature spirit doll by Jörd of the North Spirit Creations is full of protective plant wisdom.  

From the tips of her batik fabric hair hair, to her outstretched arm holding the twig Triangle upon which she is perched.  You can feel her energy...her presence, her magick.

 🌿 Sweet Annie is know for its wonderful aroma as well as for protection.  

🌿Buckeyes are associated with abundance and financial magick.

🌿 This beautiful plant spirit stands a full 7 in. x 4 1/2 in.  Triangle is 6 in x 5 in.

🌿 She is lovingly crafted with Sweet Annie stems body, buckeye head, cotton batik fabric dress and hair, Jute Twine. Triangle is also wrapped in Batik and the doll tied on with embroidery thread so she can be easily removed from the ornament should you choose to do so.  A small “sprig” of dried sweet Annie is included.