Old-Mammaw’s Pine Needle Syrup ™ Cough Tamer (4 fl oz)
Old-Mammaw’s Pine Needle Syrup ™ Cough Tamer (4 fl oz)
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Old-Mammaw’s Pine Needle Syrup ™ Cough Tamer (4 fl oz)

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🌲 Pine needles may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of natural herbal medicine, but they actually do have a lot of benefits!

🌲 The needles of most species of pine trees have both edible and medicinal properties. They are aromatic and have antibacterial and pain relieving properties.

🌲 Pine needles, along with most other conifer needles, are high in vitamin C and can be used as an expectorant for coughs and for relieving chest congestion.

🌹 Rose-Hips (the fruit of the rose bush) is naturally high in Vitamin C — 20 times more Vitamin C than an orange! Because of this, you’ll want to have this essential syrup on hand during cold and flu season.

🍊Oranges are one of the most popular fruits in the US, but the orange peel is a different deal altogether. Did you know that the peel is the healthiest part of the entire fruit? Surprising, isn’t it?  

🍊As surprising as that might seem, research tells us that orange peels are rich in flavonoids and several other important phytochemicals that offer various health benefits. Just to give you an idea – while the orange flesh contains about 71 milligrams of vitamin C, the peel contains over 136 milligrams.

🍊Thanks to their excellent vitamin C content, orange peels help break down congestion and cleanse the lungs. Vitamin C also boosts immunity, and this helps ward off and prevent lung infections.  The peels can help you expel phlegm by cleansing your lungs. Enhanced immunity also prevents ailments like cold and flu.

🥄 Take one tablespoon (15ml) every two hours as needed to ease a cough, relieve chest congestion, or to soothe a dry and scratchy throat.  This syrup is safe for children ages 2 and older, but be sure to give the little ones a smaller dose of one teaspoon. 

🌲 Beyond being medicinal, Old Mammaw’s Pine Needle Syrup™ Cough Tamer is very tasty and is nice to have around for the holiday season for mixing into cocktails or mocktails!

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