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"Shawnee Autumn" Red Twig Dogwood Kinnikinnick Spirit Doll

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This nature spirit doll by Jörd of the North Spirit Creations, Celebrates the changing seasons with this welcoming Red Twig Dogwood Maiden.

🍂 Kinnikinnick is a mixture of dried leaves and bark and sometimes tobacco smoked by the Indians and especially in the Ohio valley.  What makes a traditional kinnickinnic? An astringent plant is one answer, another answer should include a plant that allows protection and space in a psychic realm so that a problem may be solved with adequate clarity.   

🍂You'll find that most traditional Great Lakes recipes include the bark of this powerful "Elk Medicine," plant and on an etheric or psychic level we use elk medicine like that of a great buck in the woods, moving from shadow to shadow, piercing the darkness with deep eyes, making a dashing leap instantly into or away from reality.

🍂In other words, when finding and working in states of deep vision and dream work, sometimes it can be frightening and we don't always wish to look, but the dogwood seems to allow you to hold a lantern to the abyss.   You can go deep in your mind, and easily- this nature spirit creation is a great ally for those who use dreams and visions as tools in their daily lives. 

🍂The "Shawnee Autumn," Red Twig Dogwood Nature Spirit is approx. 17 in. tall by 10 in. wide

🍂She has a red twig Dogwood body, natural twine face with straight pin eyes, repurposed cotton fabric dress, ivy stem pentacle, raffia.