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Elder Mother of the Winter Woods

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This nature spirit doll by Jörd of the North Spirit Creations, is the epitome of the Green Woman, the Green Lady or Lady of the winter woods.  

A Winter Tree Spirit, perfect as a reminder that life continues even during the bleakest of season.  This is especially for those who resonate with Druidry, the Green Witch, Hedge-Witchery or just love the message of eternal life that the Evergreen imparts.

🌲Even as the snow blankets the land-the magical evergreen remains alive and offers hope and shelter, to the woodland animals even in the harshest of Winters.

🌲This evergreen spirit, the epitome of the eternal nature of the Soul, the champion of resiliency and the uphill battle of thriving even in the winter storms is the essence of the Green Woman in Winter. 

🌲This particular spirit doll is so full of green and life giving energy I know she has a special purpose and gift for you!

🌲The Lady of the Winter Woods Nature Spirit is approx. 12 in. tall by 8 in. wide

🌲She is made from Elder twigs, Pinecone head, feathers,  cotton print fabric-recycled fabric, moss, hemp twine, holding a dawn redwood pinecone representative of the Elder passing the wisdom to the next generation. Gold tone beads.