Herbal Ally Box:  Dandelion
Herbal Ally Box:  Dandelion
Herbal Ally Box:  Dandelion
Herbal Ally Box:  Dandelion
Herbal Ally Box:  Dandelion
Herbal Ally Box:  Dandelion
Herbal Ally Box:  Dandelion
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Herbal Ally Box: Dandelion

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The self study Herbal Ally Box-Program gives budding herbal enthusiasts a deeper and more personal relationship with the world of herbs, kindling an enthusiasm for a lifelong course of learning.

🌿 Each month’s herb is a potential ally in your quest for herbal knowledge and true understanding.

🌿 Build a connection with the Sacred Beings of the plant world, while learning from the plant itself, how to effectively use herbal medicine for the prevention and treatment of a variety of health conditions.  Building wellness for yourself as well as for your Herbal Ally.

🌿 If you are familiar with our In-Person, Herbal Ally class then you already are familiar with the class and the opportunity this affords to be able to deepen your relationship with the Herb Kingdom.

This Month's Herbal Ally Box Includes:

☀️ Printed in Full-Color and Bound in a protective cover, Class.  Including A Calendar of Engagement with Dandelion  for a month.  Including the History of Use, Botany and Recipes for you to try.  Also includes meditations to help you come into that deeper relationship with Dandelion  as a medicine as well as spiritual ally.

☀️ Beautiful Hexagonal  Jar to make your Dandelion Oil!  Includes Wildcrafted Dandelion Blossoms. (You will be adding your choice of Skin Oil.)  Display the jar in your herb collection or on a special shelf.

🌿  Organic Dandelion Root for the recipes included.  

🌿  Organic Dandelion Leaf. “Taste," is so important to understanding and internalizing the Herb and drawing closer in relation to it.

 ☕️ 50 Serving, Dandy-Blend-Dandelion Coffee replacer.  Tastes amazing and packs all the health benefits of Dandelion into your morning coffee. ☕️ 

 So, join us on a journey to a deeper relationship and and Herbal Allyship with Dandelion .

*Ships within 5-7 days.  

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