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Halloween Tarot by West & Kipling

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This delightful tarot deck introduces you to the festive, old time Halloween world of Kipling West, and conjures up all that is fun about Halloween.

78 cards with instructional booklet.

About the Halloween Deck

The Halloween Tarot deck started with the traditional images of the “Rider deck,” designed by A. E. Waite in 1910, and then was twisted, turned, and tweaked to create a festive, if slightly freakish, old time Halloween world. Since Halloween archetypes are fairly limited, the characters on the cards also emerged from old horror movies and circus images, and from the German-made Vegetable People that were popular Halloween toys and decorations in 1920s America.
Mixed into the deck with spooky images from All Hallows’ Eve are remnants of traditional Tarot symbolism—a blend of ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Hindu mythology, Chaldean astrology, biblical references, images from the Far East and medieval Europe, and more. No one knows exactly when and where Tarot originated, but some think that Tarot cards were brought to Italy and France by Gypsies as early as the twelfth century. Tarot was a popular game by the 1400s—tarocchi in Italian, les Tarots in French—but was also used as a fortune telling tool from the time of the Middle Ages.