Caitlin McCarthy Art

Baba Yaga Fine Art Print- Russian Folklore (5x7)

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We are proud to carry Caitlin McCarthy Fine Art, her Baba Yaga print is a beautiful work of art that will add a touch of mystique to any space. The high-quality fine-art prints are created on acid-free archival matte paper, ensuring long-lasting perfection that won't fade over time. Each print is signed by the artist, adding a personal touch to the artwork. To ensure the safety of your print, we wrap it individually in a cellophane sleeve and include a sturdy backing board, so it arrives in perfect condition. Whether you choose to display it in a frame or on its own, this stunning print will transform any room with its otherworldly beauty. Order yours today and enjoy the magic of Baba Yaga brought to life by Caitlin McCarthy's art.

🖤Baba Yaga, a legendary creature in Slavic mythology and folklore, is often portrayed as a frightening, deformed old woman. She is known to reside in a peculiar hut that stands on chicken legs. It's said that Baba Yaga possesses the power to either assist or disrupt those who come across her or intentionally seek her help.