Wortcunning Wednesday: The Empress/Dong Quai

🌿 Wortcunning Wednesday 🌿 A day late because life happens but I feel the need to share. 😊

This weeks Tarot Card pull is “The Empress .”

Herbal Correspondence: Dong Quai

✨New Life and New Possibilities

🌿 If this card speaks to you.

I have found that when the Empress shows up in your reading she appears to teach us the lesson of compassion, both for the self and for others. A lot of the lessons she’ll throw your way are ones of self-love, kindness and tolerance. You have the divine power of creation, you just need to find your personal route to unlocking it.

The Empress-a person pregnant with ideas and potential is often a sign that you’ll soon be receiving an abundance of something you’ve been in need of on an emotional and spiritual level. This will most often be a material or physical gift, such as money or a new career opportunity.

😇 Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis .)
Dong quai has been used for its healthful properties, tonic actions, and as a spice throughout Asia for over two-thousand years. Native to high altitude regions in China and Japan, Angelica sinensis likes to grow in cool, damp soils. An important herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), dong quai root is commonly referred to as “female ginseng”. The root can be infused as tea or tinctured and is generally combined with other botanicals in herbal formulations. Dong Quai is a popular TCM remedy, traditionally used to support women's health.

Dong Quai is a member of the Apiaceae family and small perennial, growing up to three feet in height. It is native to high altitude regions of China and Japan, growing best in cold, damp areas. It produces small clusters of white flowers. It is extensively cultivated for its roots, which are harvested in autumn. The Chinese phrase "dong quai" literally translates to "state of return." According to an ancient Chinese folktale, an angel appeared to a monk in a dream and told him to use dong quai to cure the plague that was ravaging the country.

Dosing: A strong decoction of the root is very effective. Drink two to four cups per day. As a tincture, use 5-15 drops in a cup of warm water every 4 hours. The root is often in a capsule, and a general rule of thumb is 1000 mg every 4 hours.

💫 Magickal Properties-General protection, especially against evil spirits and hex-breaking as well as general blessing and is especially useful for the defense of women. A talisman for games of chance. Dong quai’s spiritual properties are aligned with the sun and the element of fire and associates with Venus and the Empress in the Tarot.

Empress Keywords: divine feminine, sensuality, fertility, nurturing, creativity, beauty, abundance, nature.

🌿 Look for More botanical posts on Dong Quai/Angelica over the next few days. 🌿

💫. Here are some questions to help develop your relationship with and understanding of The Empress as you practice and meditate this week.

Where are you creative? What have you created?

What do you wish to create in the future?

How do you feel when in the natural world? What do you notice about yourself while there?

What do you nurture within yourself and others?

Where could you use more nurturing?

What is growing in your life?

Are you in touch with your fertility? This doesn’t have to be in the medical sense.

When you think of the keywords of The Empress, which ones do you connect to and which ones don’t you? Why do you suppose?

Where could you develop your own power? How and Where could you wield your power more?

Herbal Tarot
by Michael Tierra and V. D. Zlomanov.

Blog post is for educational and information purposes only. Always seek a medical
opinion before trying any new supplements or nutrition routine and never stop taking
medication without speaking to your medical provider.

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