Wortcunning Wednesday for October 21st, 2020

🌿 Wortcunning Wednesday 🌿

This weeks Plant Oracle Card is “Plantain.”

Plantain (Plantago sp.)

✨Resiliency ✨Calm✨Assertiveness

🔆 The leaves of a very common herb now found growing wherever people are all over the world. The American Indians called Plantain ‘white man’s footsteps’ because it followed them as they spread over the continent. The Plantain plant is low-growing, long lived (perennial) and has distinctly broad, well-ribbed oval leaves that can reach up to 5 inches in length.

🌈 The "waybread" mentioned in the Nine herbs charm of Wodin or Odin is believed to be plantago.

Some American Indian tribes used the abundant plant as a remedy for the bite of the rattlesnake, and called it "snakeweed" after this use.

The Shoshoni Indians heated the leaves and applied them in a wet dressing for wounds.

Boerhaave, an 18th century botanist, recommended that Plantain leaves be bound to aching feet after long hikes to relieve pain and fatigue.

The Saxons esteemed Plantain highly and in the old Lacnunga (a collection of miscellaneous medical texts, Lacnunga means 'remedies' in Old English) the Weybroed (plantain) is mentioned as one of nine sacred herbs

🌿 If this card speaks to you it may mean that you have been called upon to express the plantain’s characteristic resilience. Plantain when mowed will develop an ability to hug low to the ground to avoid the mower and the gardener- Perhaos that is what you need to do without becoming a doormat in the process. Become more assertive and defend your space and boundaries more aggressively. Stand your ground, even if it means putting up with criticism keep a low profile and act like the plantain. Also remember that as difficult as life may become the inside of the plantain leaves contain its soothing medicine. Regardless of how tough life is in the end your healing comes from within🌿

from Hiawatha
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Wheresoe’er they tread, beneath them
Springs a flower unknown among us,
Springs the White-man’s Foot in blossom.

⚖️ Plantain’s relationship to the Tarot.
Plantain corresponds to Justice from the Major Arcana.

The sword symbolizes protection and strength. The scales symbolize justice.

Keywords: Justice, Responsibility, Cause & Effect, Objectivity, Fairness.

My Interpretation: This is a time of facing your responsibilities, and taking responsibility for your past actions. You need to use objectivity and fairness when facing an obstacle. In the search for justice you may have to face the cause & effect of your past decisions.

🌿 Look for More botanical posts on Plantain over the next few days. 🌿

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Plantain| Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm | Illustrated by Will Worthington|
Shown with my own Herbal Ally Scrapbook Page.

Justice| The Golden Tarot by Liz Dean | based on images of the Visconti Sforza Families.

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