WORTCUNNING Wednesday: Eight of Pentacles

🌿 Wortcunning Wednesday 🌿 Back by popular demand.

This weeks Tarot Card pull is “Eight of Pentacles.”

Herbal Correspondence: Ginger

✨Self-Discipline, preparation and attention to detail.

💫 Keywords: self discipline, preparation, attention to detail, productivity, work, craftsmanship, quality control, meeting quotas, prudence, boredom, display, exercise, scorekeeping, repetition, daily, progress, persistence.

🌿 If this card speaks to you.

This card is associated with craftsmanship, self-sufficiency, and hard work. It shows a man diligently working in his garden, fashioning a pentacle with care and precision from blossoms. This card is often seen as a sign of mastering a skill or craft, conveying that your dedication and attention to detail in your work will produce results of excellence.

The Eight of Pentacles encourages you to stay the course and keep going despite any obstacles along the way. As you can see, there are seven other pentacles behind the man, symbolizing that his work has been consistent and productive. This card assures us that if we stay focused and committed, success will be inevitable.

This card also signals a shift from creativity to practicality. You may be honing in on your career path and becoming more focused on succeeding financially through your hard work. It’s important to balance creativity and productivity as getting bogged down with too much practicality can produce a feeling of stagnation and lack of fulfillment.

The Eight of Pentacles also speaks to the importance of utilizing our skillset to reach our objectives. It encourages you to return to the basics and focus on perfecting the skills you already have, rather than taking on new tasks you aren’t familiar with.

Overall, this card is a positive omen, urging us to devote ourselves to our projects and stay dedicated to them until completion. When this card appears in our reading it is a reminder that hard work really does pay off in the end and our efforts will be rewarded.

🌿 Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Ginger is a beloved herb that has been used for centuries for its medicinal and metaphysical properties. As an herbal ally, ginger has many health benefits that can help soothe a variety of ailments.

On the medicinal side, ginger can be used to help address digestive issues, such as nausea, bloating, and indigestion. It has also been used to help combat inflammation, boost the immune system, and aid in weight loss. Ginger can also be used to help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as to improve circulation.

When it comes to metaphysical properties, ginger can be used to help increase energy and create a sense of balance and harmony. Its spicy aroma has been known to combat anxiety and depression, while also providing an uplifting, energizing feeling. Ginger is also known as an effective cleanser, releasing negative energies while helping to promote an overall sense of wellness and abundance.

Including ginger in your daily routine can be effective in improving your overall health and wellbeing. Whether you choose to consume it raw, cooked, or in teas or tinctures, there are many ways to reap the healing benefits of this ancient herb.

At the end of the day, ginger is a powerful herbal ally that can help bring balance and harmony back into your life.

🌿 Look for More botanical posts on Ginger over the next few days. 🌿

💫. Here are some questions to help develop your relationship with and understanding of The Eight of Pentacles as you practice and meditate this week.

What are you working on?

What skill or a craft are you learning?

 How can you create a regular time and place to work on your projects?

What are you doing to take care of your health or well-being?

When you think of the keywords of The Eight of Pentacles, which ones do you connect to and which ones don’t you? Why do you suppose?

Herbal Tarot
by Michael Tierra and V. D. Zlomanov..

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