Wortcunning Wednesday for January 8th, 2020

🌿 Wort-Cunning Wednesday’s 🌿

This weeks Plant Oracle Card is Betony-Reversed. (Stachys betonica)

✨Confrontation ✨Avoidance
✨Feeling Wounded

🌿. The card shows Wood Betony, which according to Pliny was the best species of this plant to use in herbal medicine. Betony was a bit of a super plant, an All Heal, with a great many properties, including antiseptic, antispasmodic and anti bacterial. It can be found worldwide. 🌎

🌿 In reverse this card is asking us to make sure we are not avoiding something that needs to be faced. It is often easier to put conflict to the side without fully confronting the issues involved. This may help us get on with life in the present but eventually the problem will need addressing and by the time you get around to it you may find it harder to deal with. When we put something negative off it has a habit of, not only growing, but also creeping into our psyche and taking hold in lots of ways that we might not, at first be aware of. 🌿

Problems are always there in the back of our minds causing tension and stress. They can eat away at us while we procrastinate and make excuses as to why we need to sort them out at some other time. Unfortunately, the procrastination is a symptom of the problem.

So no matter what the issue is sort it out today. Not everything will be fixed quickly and easily but you DO need to make a start. Get the problem out, air it, begin to look at ways to overcome it. Call people and issues out and don’t allow it or them any more of your time and energy than it takes to remove it. Have the courage to heal whatever wounds it has caused you, because, in the end, the sense of release and relief when it has gone will be so worth it.

Betony was often used to ease headaches, dispel negativity and encourage reconciliation. Let this card do the same for you today.

Look for further posts on this subject as well as botanical information on the Betony plant over the next week.

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