The Herbal Ally Way-Let’s talk antioxidants.

According to medical professionals, antioxidants are one of the best supplements to help the body combat the damaging effects of free radicals.

The antioxidant content in most fresh fruit and vegetables varies, but rainforest fruits are often more beneficial than those from other regions. For example, acai berries are loaded with antioxidants, which makes them appropriate for use as a superfood.

A prefix like 'anti' is used in opposition to something, or in a way that helps to correct it. Chemicals called antioxidants work against oxidants that damage cells. 

It is believed that oxidants play an important role in numerous bodily processes, and  that this is why they are found in the body. As a result of billions of biochemical reactions that occur within the body every minute, they are produced. These harmful
by-products are produced when the very air we breathe that provides oxygen to the body actually damages its cells, damaging their DNA, fats and proteins.

The body is also exposed to free radicals as a result of external influences such as exposure to the sun, pesticides and other kinds of pollutants. Stress, unhealthy foods, and cigarette smoking also increase these hormones' levels.

A breakdown of body cells is caused by oxidation inside the body, much like rust on cars. When free radical oxidation in the body rises to an unhealthy level, cellular components may be altered, and aging may be accelerated. Moreover, it may cause a variety of degenerative illnesses, as well as reduce the
body's ability to deal with other ailments, such as cardiovascular dysfunction, eyesight problems, and cancer.

The body may also be less able to heal wounds and defeat infections due to a compromised immune system, resulting in immunological disorders. A few studies point to possible links to arthritis and other chronic conditions.


Free radicals are destroyed by antioxidants by binding to them before they cause damage. By converting these compounds into non-damaging biochemical
substances, they are able to help repair cell damage to a great degree.

The human body produces antioxidant enzymes. Catalase, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione are the most well-known of them:

  • Hydrogen peroxide is converted into oxygen and water by catalase.
  • Antioxidants are broken down into hydrogen peroxide by superoxide dismutase (SOD). 
  • Glutathione works as a detoxifier, transforming toxins into a form that is easier to eliminate.

The diet can provide additional antioxidants. In addition to beta-carotene and vitamin B6, some other antioxidant vitamins are Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Minerals like selenium, zinc, glutathione, and coenzyme Q10 may also be antioxidants, and so may flavonoids such as cranberries, some amino acids, plus organic extracts from our Herbal Ally friends milk thistle and ginkgo biloba.


These antioxidants are found in a large supply in fruits and vegetables, which helps eliminate free radicals. Vegetables and fruits that contain high levels of polyphenols include carrots, orange and red peppers, and spinach. Raw vegetables and fruit, and sprouts can help the body absorb antioxidants, since
cooking destroys some of them. It is also a good idea to steam vegetables rather than fry, microwave or boil them. A great goal is to eat the rainbow of colors each day from Whole Foods.

Because pure antioxidants, such as vitamin E, require additional vitamins in order to  work effectively as antioxidants, they should be consumed in combination. The best sources of antioxidants may therefore be found in foods or supplements.

Some of the best natural antioxidants are found in rain forests of the world. Health experts praise acai berries for the high number and wide variety of antioxidants they contain, making them a great source of antioxidants. This is why the acai berry has
been called one of the top ten superfoods in the world.

So get out and stock up on these amazing anti-aging foods, Herbal Allies and supplements and load up on your antioxidants. To see how you can get more into your daily diet and routine check out our next blog post coming soon!

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