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Wortcunning Wednesday for April 22nd

🌿 Wort-Cunning Wednesday’s 🌿 This weeks Plant Oracle Card is Mugwort- (Artemisia vulgaris) ✨Clairvoyance ✨Prophecy✨Protection 🌿. In Britain, as in most of Europe, Mugwort is a common plant found on edges of lakes where ever you go. It is used in many countries around the world and it is even noted in Pliny’s records as a plant used to honor Isis. Its Latin name, Artemisia is probably a dedication to Artemis, so this herb has long been linked to the divine feminine. It was also known to be sacred to the Celtic, Germanic and Slavic Peoples. Its uses have included treating female ailments among many other things.Chinese acupuncturists will use burning dried Mugwort on thin slivers of Ginger over acupuncture points in a...

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Wortcunning Wednesday for January 8th, 2020

🌿 Wort-Cunning Wednesday’s 🌿 This weeks Plant Oracle Card is Betony-Reversed. (Stachys betonica)✨Confrontation ✨Avoidance ✨Feeling Wounded🌿. The card shows Wood Betony, which according to Pliny was the best species of this plant to use in herbal medicine. Betony was a bit of a super plant, an All Heal, with a great many properties, including antiseptic, antispasmodic and anti bacterial. It can be found worldwide. 🌎 🌿 In reverse this card is asking us to make sure we are not avoiding something that needs to be faced. It is often easier to put conflict to the side without fully confronting the issues involved. This may help us get on with life in the present but eventually the problem will need addressing...

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